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Note: The workshops below have now been customized as webinars suited to online conferencing systems and other live stream options.

Your Money Story

Stress, worry, and shame about our finances greatly impacts our overall health and wellness. And our attitudes and feelings about money, often unconscious, creates a particular narrative. This narrative, or Money Story, shapes our earning, spending, and saving habits, and ultimately, the value and worth we place on ourselves, and the people and things in our lives.

Through storytelling, mindful strategies, and practical tools you’ll walk away with less fear and stress around your personal finances!

This workshop can be customized from a 2 hour to a full day workshop.

The STEPPs to Getting Unstuck

When we feel stuck in our lives, it can be difficult to move forward on certain goals.

This workshop is based on my STEPP coaching process that helps clients take intentional and actionable steps on their goals everyday. Through this workshop, participants articulate individual values and strengths, and learn how to use this knowledge to set SMART goals and develop habits that are sustainable.

This workshop can be customized from a 2 hour to a full day workshop. Workshop can also include copies of my published guided workbook “The STEPPs to Getting Unstuck” for participants at a special price (indicate your interest in this option when you request your quote}.

Taming Your Inner Critic

What if being more courageous isn’t about conquering fear, but learning how to tame our inner critic instead?

This workshop equips participants with the tools to recognize how fear, guilt, and self-judgment inhibit personal and professional growth. It also outlines 3 strategies to tame their inner critic so participants can move forward with less stress, and more purpose.

This workshop can be customized from a 1 hour to a full day workshop.

Resolving Conflict Mindfully

Relationship conflict and goals

This workshop explores a new take on conflict resolution training. We explore how awakening our self-observation and mindfulness abilities contributes to less inner conflict.

Participants also learn purposeful speaking strategies to communicate needs and interests in ways that are better heard and received by others, leading to less outer conflict and more proactive resolution of conflict.

This workshop can be customized from a half day to a full day workshop.

What People Are Saying…

The Stories in Our Heads

“Christina’s workshop provided me ideas on how to think about my life (my hopes and dreams) more broadly, and how to extend from my tendency to hyper-focus.”

Getting Unstuck Workshop Participant

“The top benefit I received from this workshop was learning about boundaries and how to communicate them more clearly.”

Resolving Conflict Mindfully Workshop Participant

“Christina’s workshop was very insightful and concise. I learned quite a bit about why I am stuck, what I value, and why I struggle with my shadow values.”

Getting Unstuck Workshop Participant

Workshop pricing varies according to length of workshop and level of customization required or requested by a group or organization. Please connect with me to request a quote and plan for your next workshop!