Testimonials from my clients…


“I felt like I was always working so hard but never getting ahead in certain areas of my life (business, relationship with money). I had a crippling fear of saying no and setting boundaries, so other people’s priorities were always getting more attention than my own. Now I have so much clarity and compassion for why I fell into this pattern, and a detailed action plan for reaching my goals.”


“Christina is gentle, intelligent and hard working. I truly appreciated the work she put into the process. It felt like all I needed to do was commit to the process and the homework, tell her what I wanted to discover, and then sit back and let the magic happen. She knew what scenery we needed to travel to in order to arrive at the final destination.”


“I really do believe that every element of my life (personal, work, family, etc) is influenced by my values. Taking the time to reflect on those values and what is most important to me through Christina’s coaching process allowed me to look through that lens in future decision-making situations.”