Membership Terms and Conditions


The Platforms for Peace membership community is a safe space for people-pleasers and perfectionists to learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded individuals who want to get ‘unstuck’ in their careers and relationships.


  • Your Membership is non-transferable, which means please don’t share your username and password with anyone else, or allow anyone else to access the site using your username and password.
  • To safeguard privacy, you are expected to notify us as soon as you become aware of any unauthorized use of your membership, username, or password.
forum discussion GUIDELINES
  • Community forum guidelines are in place so that all of our members feel supported and heard. We want to hear from you and encourage comments, critiques, questions, and suggestions.
  • We are an inclusive community of many types of people, so please be polite and be respectful in your interactions with other members. Comments that degrade any race, religion, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, or political beliefs are not acceptable.
  • To be as transparent and self-responsible as possible we encourage you to use your real name and not a pseudonym.
  • There are times when sensitive and/or personal information may be shared among members in the group. We ask that you respect everyone’s privacy and keep what is shared in the group within the group.
  • Being a Member is a privilege and not a right. Platforms for Peace Consulting retains the right to moderate and delete posts in the community forums that suggest or encourage illegal activity, use offensive or profane language, are overtly sales-oriented, or violate copyright or intellectual property rights. Any comment(s) posted which we deem to be criminal in nature, or instigates or implies violence toward oneself or another may be reported to the proper authorities.
use of content
  • You may use, modify and manipulate files for your own personal educational purposes, but you must not otherwise exploit the files or redistribute the files. If you love the content, please ask your friends to become members too!
  • You may freely use the procedures and techniques demonstrated in the content (that is, the knowledge you gain) for any commercial or personal purpose.
  • The membership site will usually be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We may, however, need to interrupt or suspend your access to the site or access to specific site content, for maintenance, technical issues, or other reasons.
  • Information provided on the membership site and the main Platforms for Peace Consulting site are subject to change. Platforms for Peace Consulting disclaims all liability for any inaccuracy, error, or incompleteness in the content.


  • Platforms for Peace Consulting is committed to safeguarding your information, and collecting only the personal information that we need to provide services to our members and clients. Personal information such as your name, home address, phone number, email address, and social media identifier are collected for such purposes as:
  • Opening and managing membership accounts
  • Delivering requested products and services
  • Enrolling a member/client in a program
  • Contacting clients about appointments
  • Following up with members/clients regarding satisfaction with products and services
  • Notifying members/clients of upcoming events of interest
  • If you have a question or concern about any collection, use, or disclosure of personal information by Platforms for Peace Consulting, please contact Christina at