Coaching Packages

Career Clarity

Are you contemplating a career transition but don’t know where to start?

The Inspired With Intention Package

– 6 Private coaching sessions (1-1.5 hrs each)
– Clarify your unique blend of values, strengths, personality, and skills
– Rediscover what activities give you meaning and purpose at both work and home
– Develop strategies for greater emotional awareness and emotional regulation
– Create a career plan that works with how YOU are wired!
Total Package Investment: $1,194 (CAD)

Relationship Boundaries

Do you struggle with saying no and setting effective boundaries in relationships?

The Confident and Connected Package

– 6 Private coaching sessions (1-1.5 hrs each)
– Clarify your strengths, values, and motivations
– Manage internal stress and conflict with proven mindfulness techniques
– Navigate relationship pinch points with effective conflict resolution strategies
– Learn how to say no and set consistent boundaries with less guilt and resentment
Total Package Investment: $1,194 (CAD)

Fear-less Package

Do you sometimes worry that you aren’t ‘enough’ to do certain things (ie. pretty enough, smart enough)?

The Bold and Fear-less Package

– 4 Private Coaching Sessions (1-1.5 hrs each)
– Successfully manage thoughts and emotions that are keeping you stuck
– Learn the confidence building skills you need to accomplish YOUR goals
– Go from a place of self-doubt to self-assurance of your worth!
  Total Package Investment: $796 (CAD)