Coaching Information

Want to know what a coaching session with me looks like?

First, some basic information on coaching…

Career Clarity and Inspiration

Coaching is different than therapy. It is often more focused on a particular issue or goal and seeing an specific outcome in a set amount of time.

Want to read more about the different elements of life coaching?

Coaching sessions are one-on-one either online or in-person…

Online Sessions

I offer coaching sessions online in an ‘a-la-carte’ fashion…meaning, you can book me for 30 min or 60 min as stand-alone sessions.

Online sessions are a great option for those who have previously worked with me and want a follow-up/check-in session. Or for those who already know where they want to go, and just need a set of listening ears or a boost of accountability.

In Person Packages

In person packages are recommended for those who are located in Winnipeg, MB, and are willing to dive deeper into their goal-setting over a four to six week timeframe.