Big Change Starts With Courage

Making a big change often starts with one small step. 

We tend to think of change as taking giant leaps of certainty. But it often consists of one small step of courage after another small step of courage.

I’ll give you an example from my own life. As a life coach, my one small step of courage was buying a coach for my office. Yep, a couch. For my clients to sit on.

A couch might seem like a strange small step. But until I bought that couch, my home office space was squeezed between a queen-sized bed and an old hand-me-down dresser. My office was a cluttered catch-all. And this environment impacted my mindset for my business, and it prevented me from acting on important goals. One of which was to meet with clients in my office (which is super hard to do wedged between a bed and a dresser 😉

Buying that couch meant that I went ‘all in.’ It meant that I needed to clean out the distractions and devote an entire room to what I was doing. To show myself and others that I’m serious enough about this dream that I’m going to invest in it.

What is one small step you can take in your life?

Whatever your small step is, it’s important to know that our smallest steps are the ones we tend to overlook and de-value on the holy grail to ‘big change.’ But our smallest steps often contain our bravest moments. The moments no else sees but us. The moments that require the greatest kernel of faith and the largest portions of hope because real fear is involved.

The smallest, bravest steps always ask, “Can I really do this?” and “Will this matter?”

The answer is yes, your small steps matter. The fear may still be real, and that’s okay. Fear is a not something to conquer, it’s actually a signpost you are on the right path. Learn more about how to work through, rather than conquer, fear here.

Remember that your incremental movement towards a new reality is always inching you towards growth. Every big change starts with one small, courageous step. What’s your small step going to be?