Hi, I’m Christina Reinke!

I’m a life coach who helps people get ‘unstuck’ so they can navigate key life transitions with less self-judgement and worry, and more courage. 

Transition points in our life can be difficult.  Even if we’ve felt compelled to make a pivot or a change, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. And so often, it leads to worry setting in, the self-doubt ramping up, and then us feeling ‘stuck.’ 

The transition process can feel even more isolating and lonely for those of us who struggle with people-pleasing or perfectionism. Because let’s face it…usually we’re the ones who people come to for help, guidance, and support. 

So that’s why I’ve designed a coaching process specifically for people-pleasers and perfectionists. I offer a safe and non-judgemental space where we can begin to prioritize YOU.

I act as a guide to help you figure out what it is you need to move forward on your goals. And not the goals you’ve felt obligated to achieve, but the goals that actually light you up and provide purpose and meaning to your life. 

I offer one-to-one personal coaching, group workshops, and self-guided learning through my membership site. Take a look around and then let’s connect!

How I help people get unstuck…

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

My personalized coaching packages help you figure out where you are stuck and how to get unstuck.


Workshop Facilitation

My workshops help people become more self-aware learners, and more skilled problem-solvers.


‘Get Unstuck’ Membership

The Membership Site is a self-guided learning platform where you can learn and receive support from a community of learners.

Testimonials from my clients…


“I felt like I was always working so hard but never getting ahead in certain areas of my life (business, relationship with money). I had a crippling fear of saying no and setting boundaries, so other people’s priorities were always getting more attention than my own. Now I have so much clarity and compassion for why I fell into this pattern, and a detailed action plan for reaching my goals.”


“Christina is gentle, intelligent and hard working. I truly appreciated the work she put into the process. It felt like all I needed to do was commit to the process and the homework, tell her what I wanted to discover, and then sit back and let the magic happen. She knew what scenery we needed to travel to in order to arrive at the final destination.”


“I really do believe that every element of my life (personal, work, family, etc) is influenced by my values. Taking the time to reflect on those values and what is most important to me through Christina’s coaching process allowed me to look through that lens in future decision-making situations.”

How to get started…

Step 1

Select whether you’d like in-person coaching, workshop facilitation or a membership.

Step 2

Email me to arrange a consult to discuss your needs. Or select a membership here.

Step 3

Now your journey to getting unstuck begins!

Healthy Boundaries Freebie

Are you someone who often puts your desire to be liked above your need to prioritize your time, energy, and well-being?

People who feel a constant need to please others have a hard time setting boundaries in their personal and professional relationships. Your relationships are important to you and you feel like it’s your job to maintain them by constantly giving into the needs of others.

You may be afraid to set boundaries because you fear that if you clearly state your wants and needs, you risk sounding stupid, making someone angry or upset, or losing a connection with someone. You might feel that if you set boundaries, you come off as demanding or high maintenance. 

What’s important is to uncover where your boundaries are coming from. What’s the motivation behind them?

In this free workbook you’re going to:

  • Uncover your specific fears about setting boundaries in your relationships
  • Learn the difference between healthy boundaries and ones that may be harmful to your wellbeing
  • Set boundaries for specific people in your life who are important to you, but who you often find yourself in uncomfortable situations with
  • And more!

Healthier boundaries make for healthier relationships.

It’s time to set boundaries that prioritize your mental health and wellbeing, while maintaining healthy relationships with those closest to you.

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